Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Posted in Weddings by Kevin on September 2, 2012

Worcestershire Wedding Photography by Bravo Photography of Kidderminster.

Bravo Photography of Kidderminster consistently provide some of the best Worcestershire Wedding Photography and at very reasonable prices. My wife would just love me to charge the prices that we often see other Worcestershire Wedding Photography providers charging but my philosophy is that I like to keep things reasonable. Consequently, I do keep pretty busy, but that is how I like it!

People often ask how far in advance you need to book to get Bravo Photography of Kidderminster to do Worcestershire Wedding Photography for them but I am afraid there is no straight answer to this question. Unfortunately I can only do one wedding a day (I have done two before and it was not good for my blood pressure at all!). This means that bookings have to be taken on a first come, first served basis. Most people plan their weddings twelve or eighteen months ahead though as a guide. Having said that though this Worcestershire Wedding Photography has booked weddings as much as three years in advance and as little a one day.

At the current round of wedding fairs that I am attending at the moment, with the next at Worcester Rugby Club tomorrow most people are looking at next year. Having said that though, I have noticed that the demand for Worcestershire Wedding Photography has shortened on time scale a lot. More and more people are approaching me requests for Worcestershire Wedding Photography for their weddings later this year and even this Spring.

There is nothing that says that all weddings have to planed years ahead of course I we are proof of that in that although we were thinking about it for a couple of years it only took us two months to actually organise in the end including our Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Worcestershire wedding photography from Bravo Photography, Kidderminster

Worcestershire wedding photography from Bravo Photography, Kidderminster