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It would be impossible for me as a photographer to write anything better than this letter I received recently. Well, a little while ago now. But you have to make the most of it!

Dear Kevin, We wanted to say a huge thank you for our stunning photographs from our wedding. Throughout the whole day you captured special moments so beautifully and we are so grateful to have those magical moments to treasure forever. When searching for a photographer, we were bombarded with “free calendars”. “photo magnets”. and other such gimmicks to support rather average photography. Your service instantly displayed such high quality albums, simply presented and gimmick free we knew we wanted service like yours. Your presence throughout the day was unfaultable. You captured moments so subtly that we almost forgot you were there! Not a single moment was missed and you were able to organise several fantastic group shots, quickly and calmly without taking time away from the day. Your obvious professionalism and willingness to make our photographs as special as possible extended far beyond the service we expected. Consequently we have some beautiful shots of our celebrations much later into the evening than we could have hoped for. Whilst on our honeymoon thinking back on our day felt very surreal and we were delighted to be able to view our photos online within days of the wedding. Coming home from our time away we were exceptionally grateful to have received all our photos on CD. to edit and use as we wish. A service again not provided by other photographers. We were so pleased to have had you as our photographer and the photographs you tool are absolutely exquisite. Without hesitation, we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a professional, friendly, and high quality service to beautifully capture their special day.

Many Thanks Doug + Kate Malcolm.

Incidentally, I can do key rings calendars or mugs if you want!

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photography from Stone Manor.

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