Wedding Photography Enquiry.

To find out more about my wedding photography or any other photography fill out form below or ring me on;

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Or email me direct at: kevin

If you are contacting me about wedding photography then it is always useful to include the date. you are planning on getting married! There is nothing worse than getting all excited about the wedding photography and then finding that the photographer is already booked. for that day. I should point out that I. along with any other respectable wedding photographer. will only do one wedding a day!

Another question that is often asked is ‘ how far ahead do I need to book?’ Most people book their wedding photography eighteen months or a year ahead but I have had bookings as much as three years ahead and as little as the day before!

Of course at the end of the day it has to be on a first come, first served basis so as soon as you know your date I advise getting in touch. The accepted wisdom is that you should set your date, then find your venue and then arrange your wedding photography and certainly agree with this. The reason for this is that cake and dress makers can handle several weddings on the same day but wedding photographers only one.

Another piece of information that is useful is where the wedding and reception are being held. Although I work mostly in Kidderminster. Worcester.  Worcestershire and the Midlands. I am happy to go almost anywhere (I have to charge a bit more to cover costs but as with all prices I keep this realistic and reasonable). I usually travel out of Worcestershire due to having met a guest at a previous wedding who has then gone on to book me for their own wedding.

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