Kidderminster Photographer off his trolley

Kidderminster Photographer off his trolley!

Kidderminster Photographer, Bravo photography had some great fun at this wedding with the bride and groom who were clearly up for a bit of fun. Just to prove that it is all down hill from here on in Erica gave Paul the shove – down the track on this interesting little device. The speeds it got up to were actually quite scarey giving Kidderminster Photographer a bit of a challenge in getting the shot which we actually did in just one take. I am sure Paul would have not objected to another couple of runs but we had  a lot of other shots to get in a very short space of time.

This was one of the more interesting weddings for Kidderminster Photographer, Bravo Photography as we had great locations to play with and lots and lots of ideas but some very, very dramatic weather to contend with. Torrential rain, thunder, lightening and a terrific hail storm all added interest. The up shot of all this was once it did stop raining there were so great skies for Kidderminster Photographer, Bravo Photography to use as back drops for the couple.

This wedding was a bit of a journey for Kidderminster Photographer Bravo photography as the ceremony was in Bletchly (in the church attached to the rather famous Bletchley Park), and the reception at Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire. Kidderminster Photographer, Bravo Photography met Erica and Paul at the NEC Wedding Fair where they kindly told everyone who was nearby that I was by far and away the best wedding photographer there! Thanks for that and I think it might have worked as had a very busy couple of days with lots and lots of bookings so that made me very happy.

So although I am a Kidderminster Photographer I can and do work all over the country.