Kidderminster Photographer has DVD available now.

Kidderminster Photographer has school play DVD available now.

Kidderminster Photographer, Bravo Photography has just made available video DVD of Sytchampton First School, Worcestershire Christmas play, A Wriggly Nativity. It is available from the main web site for just £6 which includes postage direct to any address (in the UK!), that you specify. Of course I can post to anywhere but postage will be charged at cost so please let me know before ordering. Being a Christmas play it was staged just before Christmas so this does make things a little bit difficult for a Kidderminster Photographer to guarantee that discs will arrive before Christmas but I will do my best – you need to get your skates on though! I have to admit that it is now too late to get any disc to America or even anywhere as far flung as France or Spain now without resorting to a special courier which I guess is just not really even worth considering.

What a lovely present this would make for one of the children’s Grand Parents and if they are lucky children they might have lots of Grand parents so even more scope for ordering discs. It must be pointed out that this shameless pushing (worth of  a double glazing salesman), is all in a good cause. All monies (minus the rather miniscule cost of the discs and of course any postage), is going direct to the Sytchampton Endowed First School, Worcestershire, Parent Teacher Association funds. This Association really does do a terrific job in providing some very worth while extra amenities and services for this lovely little school just on the A449 between Worcester and Kidderminster where I have to admit, this Kidderminster Photographer takes his daughter every day.

So, to buy a copy just click on ‘view and buy’ on the main site and away you go.