Kidderminster Photographer, more on being covered.

Kidderminster Photographer, more on being covered.

As a Kidderminster Photographer I wrote recently on the necessity and advantages for the Kidderminster Photographer and for you of being insured. Well, I have been thinking more on the subject and think I need to point out that it is not just the insurance side of things where the wedding photographer has to be covered.

Having expensive equipment insured is one thing but that is not going to do you any good during a wedding. ‘Sorry vicar, could you just hold on a minute while I phone my insurance to get this camera I have just dropped replaced’. Hmmm… that would go down well! So not only do you need one all singing, all dancing top of the range camera to be a Kidderminster Photographer but two – oh and a third in the boot just in case!

Well, I guess I wouldn’t be going on about this unless this was what I do have! As a Kidderminster Photographer I always have two cameras with me, one on each shoulder, (one with a wide angle lens for group shots, and one with a long telephoto for long range shots). Everything on these cameras is interchangeable so if one should fail I can use the other immediately or whip off the lens to put on the other meaning almost no interruption to the wedding photography.

This did happen recently when the flash on my main camera failed just as I was about to do the signing of the register at a wedding so was able to just swap the flashes over and carry on. A short while later when the pressure was off a bit I was able to go back to the car where I have another camera, lenses and flash and was able to swap everything around again.

Just the sort of cover you should expect of your Kidderminster Photographer.