Kidderminster photographer goes to Birmingham for wedding

Kidderminster photographer goes to Birmingham for wedding on lovely cold day.

Kidderminster photographer, Bravo Photography had a great but rather cold time at Rebbecca & Andrews wedding.A freezing cold February day but a bit of forward planning and a visit to the location (something I always do if I am unfamiliar with the location), meant that we were able to get a nice selection of stunning photographs very quickly.

Forward planning actually goes an awful lot deeper than just working out locations for photography. Your Kidderminster photographer, Bravo Photography considers such things as parking and where exactly is the best place to position the car for a quick get away after a wedding. Not that I mean running off of course, but to get to the reception in plenty of time to photograph the couple arriving.

On this particular day though Kidderminster photographer, Bravo Photography was more thinking of nice safe places the car could be left for long enough but was conveniently located in case I needed any extra equipment and preferably as cheap as possible!

In the case of a church you need to think about how you can be first away and definitely not get blocked in. If everything is happening at one hotel though much of this can be ignored.

Being very much a Winter wedding Kidderminster photographer, Bravo Photography, was looking for some colour to add some life and vibrancy to the pictures. I found plenty of this in the canal boats as you can see in the picture. A little bit of Photo Shop magic has been used to further high light the colours by some subtle use of the posterize filter which I think adds that important little bit extra to the shot.

It was nice to get away from Kidderminster and Worcester as was the proper wedding breakfast – Full English – thank you!