Kidderminster wedding photographer in the RAW

Kidderminster wedding photographer in the RAW.

Following on from my Kidderminster wedding photographer discourse on the importance of insurance and backing up your lovely photography I thought it time to discuss what happens to your images once you are off on honey moon and having a great start to married life.

Time for more sympathy for your Kidderminster wedding photographer. Monday morning sees me importing all the images into Lightroom. I am afraid I am going to get a bit technical in this post, largely because it does deal with rather technical, but very important issues for the quality of your wedding photography.

As a professional Kidderminster wedding photographer I always shoot in RAW (well actually I shoot a jpg as well as an insurance but never actually use them). What is RAW? Well from my point of view as a Kidderminster wedding photographer it is an awful lot of extra work but from an image quality point of view it is well worth it. Basically if you shoot a jpg file you are asking the camera to interpret the information from the cameras sensor in the way that it thinks best. There are two problems here; one is that what the camera thinks is best is not always what I think is best as a Kidderminster wedding photographer, especially where more creative wedding pictures are concerned. The second problem is that once the camera has made it’s decision there is no going back and all original data is lost.

A RAW file is essentially the pure unadulterated information from the sensor so that all decisions regarding white balance, colour cast and exposure  can be taken by me and whats more any changes I make are non destructive so I can always go back to the file later if I want to re edit the picture. Just the sort of approach you would expect from a professional Kidderminster wedding photographer.