Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer at Stone Manor

Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer gets great wedding pictures at  Stone Manor.

Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer, Bravo Photography really likes weddings at Stone Manor Hotel near Kidderminster, Worcestershire and not only because I can walk there! Not that I could with all the gear I take to weddings – much of which is only used in in emergencies, but have to take it anyway.

Aside from being this Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer s closest wedding photography venue it does have a good range of easily accessible photography locations. To go from the start, the rooms upstairs at the back of the hotel have a wonderful directional light from the windows which can really pick out the eyes as in this shot here. OK, so they are not the biggest rooms ever which can lead to the Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer having to be a bit of a contortionist, but all in a days work.

It is then easy for the Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer, Bravo Photography to nip down stairs to the bar where you will usually find the groom. Incidentally it is a point of honour with me that I will never divulge how much Dutch courage was necessary for either party! But gentlemen, please don’t get caught out by imbibing too many pints especially before a long church wedding ceremony – they often don’t have any loos!

Stone Manor near Kidderminster, Worcestershire has a number of different rooms available for wedding ceremonies depending on the number of people attending. Which ever one you chose though it is then easy to get everyone together for a great group shot. Kidderminster Worcestershire photographer, Bravo Photography can do this either around the fountain ay the front of the hotel which is ideal for up to about fifty guests. If you have more guests then the lawns at the back of Stone Manor near Kidderminster, Worcestershire are ideal.