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Photographer Bewdley shoots bridesmaid at wedding

Photographer Bewdley shoots bridesmaid at wedding!

For a Photographer Bewdley. getting good shots of children at weddings can be one of the more interesting parts of the job. For ‘interesting’ read ‘damned hard! Well, sometimes it can be a doddle for a Photographer Bewdley. but on others it can require guile and low down cunning. (it is a great pity that giving sweets to small children is rather frowned upon these days!).

On this particular day of a wedding near Bewdley. Worcestershire. I had been warned that I was going to have my work cut out with this particular example of a lively little girl. As it happened on this Photographer Bewdley. she was on her best behaviour. and we were rewarded with this stunning shot that the happy couple, her parents and of course, she can cherish forever.

Kids are an important part of most weddings. although I do as a Photographer Bewdley. get some where they are completely banned! Whether this is just because there are no suitable children available or if they might have disgraced themselves at a previous wedding. I shall leave up to your imagination.

In my experience as a Photographer Bewdley. the best weddings for children are when they are fully included in the proceedings yet provision has been made for their own entertainment. catering and relaxation. i.e. a quick nap. Actually a quick nap might improve the mood of a few grown up guests sometimes! Seriously. on a practical note. you cannot always expect a little person to suddenly fit in with eating times that can be quite out of the ordinary for them. To overcome hunger inspired temper tantrums. then a good idea is to provide a quick snack or even packed lunch. for the little ones as I know personally no one as at their best when they are hungry!