Photographer Stourbridge is covered!

Photographer Stourbridge is covered!

Photographer Stourbridge is covered. Yes it is that time of year again and have just renewed my professional and public liability insurance . Pretty boring and very expensive but as essential as a camera for a  photographer Stourbridge. OK.  So as with most things I certainly didn’t just pay up without without question.  A couple of on line quotes and and a phone call soon got my current providers to match the best quote I had got saving me eighty quid . Great! All in favor of saving money. Just don’t try it in me!

All this did get me to thinking about insurance. and to wondering how many of the new photographer Stourbridge  who keep popping up have got this essential bit of kit in their bags. along with their brand new DSLR which they may.  or may not. know how to use them. If you are looking to book a photographer Stourbridge for your wedding then it is well be worth adding this to your list of questions for them.

It is not just covering the rather expensive amount of equipment that the photographer has to carry about (although knowing that this will be replaced quickly if anything does go wrong is good). but about covering you. The really expensive bit of insurance for a photographer Stourbridge is the professional liability cover. In short this means that if I don’t turn up to your wedding. or if the pictures are not of the quality you expect. you can sue me and be fully compensated. Not that this would really make up for not getting the pictures that you wanted but it would mean that if you had to get another photographer Stourbridge in a hurry or set up some shots later you would be covered. Not that I have ever done any of things or intend to start doing so but just in case….

photographer stourbridge

photographer stourbridge

A little picture for you. From photographer Stourbridge