Portrait photography of Kate, Tom and Georgina

Portrait Photography ready

Portrait Photography ready for Kate Tom and Georgina.

Portrait photography of Kate, Tom and Georgina

A lovely portrait photograph of Kate and Tom with their little girl Georgina.

I did a portrait photography session for Kate and Tom and their lovely little girl Georgina last week and the pictures are now up on the website. It was really nice to see them again as last time I saw them (when I photographed Tom’s sisters wedding), Georgina was just a bump. That was not the first time I had met Kate and Tom though as I did the photography for their wedding a couple of years ago at Red House Barns near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

This portrait photography session was a prime example of how you often have to be very flexible during a portrait photography session. I had set the studio up to do some nice relaxed shots of Georgina by herself first snuggled up on the sheep skin rug I as I usually find that such small children often need a little time to settle in. Not Georgina! She was beaming the moment she got through the door and when she saw Maisie the little grey kitten. Sorry Tom, you may not be able to get away without getting your own now. As Georgina was so lively I quickly re-organised the studio for a spot of Hi-Key portrait photography. This gives the stunning, modern pure white background that you can see in the picture on the left and is perfect for modern group shots.

I was then able to set up a slightly more restrained black background for some more subtle shots that look particularly good in black and white.

The pictures are pass worded on the web site so if you want to look you will have to talk to Kate and Tom! If you have then click here.