Why Hire a Pro photographer ?

Why Hire a Pro photographer ?

Just found this article about hiring pro photographers. and why you should for your wedding and though I would share it with you.

The first thing that your clients need to know when seeking a photographer for their special event. is what a Pro Photographer is not.

A Pro Photographer is not.

  • A person with a new expensive camera.
  • A friend who knows a bit about photoshop.
  • Someone who gives away his images.
  • A person who sells their images for not a lot of money.

OK. so we can all agree what a pro photographer is not.  but it is equally important that we explain to potential clients why they should employ a Pro Photographer. and what they can expect to receive in return for paying your professional fees.

So here are a few bullet points for you to build into your story to potential clients.

A Pro Photographers is.

  • An individual with an Artists eye.
  • A person who understands image composition.
  • Skilled in the importance of correct lighting.
  • Knowledgeable about colour correction.
  • Knows where to get prints and/or printing to ensure best quality images.

What is most important is that your clients dramatically improve their chances of receiving images. that not only hold their value and integrity for generations to come. but that capture those so precious moments that may never be captured. by the person with just an expensive camera.

So there you have a few ideas as to why should always consider a professional photographer so.  have a look at the brilliant pictures on my site.  (I can show you plenty more if you still need convincing about what a good photographer can do!). and then give me a ring.

Oh. and here is a picture of a decent. wedding photographers camera!

pro photographer Canon 5d