Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Worcester Photographer at wedding near Stourport

Worcester photographer at favorite venue.

Worcester photographer, Bravo Photography of Kidderminster near Worcester just seems to like writing about pictures so much that I seem to be running out of space on each blog entry! Well when you can get results like this who wouldn’t? This picture was taken near Curradine Barns, Shrawley near Worcester, a venue I really like for creative Worcester photographer. I say near because this location was not actually at the barns. One of the good things about this venue is that there is a lovely little circular walk you can do in just fifteen or twenty minutes that takes in a really well varied selections of backgrounds.

Going back to why I said near i the last description I badly ran over the word count on. That picture taken by Worcester photographer, Bravo Photography was taken at the little church just a short stroll down the road from the Curradine Barns. A short stroll easily accomplished in high heals and a big white dress – something really rather important to most brides but strangely not by all Worcester photographer s  from some of the horror stories I hear from time to time. Any way, this was just in the church yard beneath a rather lovely tree skillfully planted about a hundred years ago to just catch the late after noon light on a lovely Autumn day. How very thoughtful that was of someone. Well, accidental I am sure but just he sort of thing that a good Worcester photographer will pick up on and use to the full!

Sorry I was meant to be talking about how I like to do wedding pictures in the Autumn. Apart from the brilliant colours , the mild weather and bonfire night just around the corner – I do love fire works!