Worcestershire Wedding Fair Cancelled

A Worcestershire Wedding fair has been cancelled due to the poor weather.

The Worcestershire wedding fair due to be held at Wood Norton Hall near Evesham, Worcestershire on Sunday 20th January has been cancelled due to the heavy snows this morning. The Worcestershire Wedding fair organised by I Will wedding fairs will be re scheduled but no date has been given as yet.

The one good thing about this is that I wasn’t actually going to be there! I was invited but had already committed myself to another Worcestershire wedding fair at the Gainsborough House Hotel, Bewdley Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. I was contacted by the organiser, Sharon Addis this morning to say that as yet no decision has been taken as to whether this Worcestershire wedding fair will also be disrupted by the bad weather. She wrote that a decision will be made tomorrow, Saturday as to if the Worcestershire wedding at the Gainsborough House Hotel, Kidderminster will go ahead.

This is a wise move I think by the Worcestershire wedding fair organiser as it does seem as if the snowing has stopped now although I do admit that it is nearly ten o’clock as I write this. I did have to go from Kidderminster to Worcester today (not out of choice I must add but that is another rather long story!), and the roads were pretty clear. I do think that the highways department has done very well this time in keeping certainly the major roads clear. I saw two gritters in the time I was out and another one has just gone past this Worcestershire wedding photographers window.

In fact I think it should show more often as the roads were almost empty and I got to Worcester in very good time  very good time.

I will post about Sundays Worcestershire wedding fair in Kidderminster as soon as I know any news.