Wedding Photographer Worcestershire has his back up again.

 Wedding Photographer Worcestershire has his back up.

Wedding Photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography has been going on at some length about backing up and insurance. It was only meant to be one blog but I just seem to have so much to say on the subject. After getting a bit distracted in the last blog from Wedding Photographer Worcestershire by memory cards I am now going to talk about what happens to the pictures once they are taken.

I heard a tale the other day of a ‘photographer’ who had her camera stolen from her car a few days after a wedding. Well why was the camera in her car you may ask but more to the point why were the pictures from the wedding still in the camera and not backed up? There could be a lot of answers to these question but the overall theme would have to be a complete lack of professionalism. Well she probably had a ‘proper’ job as well and was only playing at being a photographer at the weekends.

If you get a professional Wedding Photographer Worcestershire like Bravo Photography then you need not ever worry about such things. As soon as the I leave the wedding,  cards are removed from the camera and stowed safely in a secret location (!). As soon as I get back, well after finding a big glass of wine anyway, I start backing up the images. This is the point where i call for a bit of sympathy. While you and your guests are dancing the night away I am stuck in front of the computer watching files download. As pass times go this is right up there with watching paint dry. One important thing here is that the files are  only copied on to the computer so the originals are still on the card and will only be erased just before the card is need again.

Right that is actually enough for one blog from Wedding Photographer Worcestershire Bravo Photography so more soon.