Wedding photographer Worcestershire orders for Christmas

Wedding photographer Worcestershire, last orders for Christmas prints.

Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography has spoken to everyone and or got orders in hand for albums for weddings that I photographed over the Summer, which is a good job as it is too late to get one before Christmas now! It is not too late to order prints though and still get them delivered by your Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography.

Wouldn’t a canvas or an acrylic print of the happy couple be a great present from their parents or one of those lovely close up portraits of the bride from the groom. Sorry getting all commercial and desperately trying to wrangle orders out of you but I have to make ends meet somehow!

Seriously, such things do make great presents which I know are always gratefully received but they do take time to produce so do have to be ordered very soon. The other problem is that time does tend to compress for your Wedding photographer Worcestershire as Christmas approaches. I have a last flurry of portrait sessions to do and get the pictures produced to my usual high standards and some wedding to photograph before Christmas. All this and I have to find time for the school play and my now annual running of the cake stall at the Christmas Bazaar. Unfortunately my retail skills from a former life have been spotted and there are an awful lot of cakes to shift! I have to admit that I don’t have to find time for much wrapping of presents as my lovely wife has that well organised, Thank You. Just as well really as it is not one of my strong points!

So if you have been thinking of getting some prints done from your Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography, please consider yourself well and truly warned that time is running out!