Photographer Worcestershire Bravon Castle

Wedding photographer Worcestershire photography in Shropshire

Wedding photographer Worcestershire Bravo Photography at Rowton Castle Shropshire for  wedding photography.

Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography was in Shropshire again at the splendid  Rowton Castle for the fantastic wedding of Lyndsay and Tony. True to form the castle provided brilliant opportunities for creative wedding photography. This picture of the bride seeing some of her guests arrive is a great example. Just look at the expression, the lovely old window and the reflection, just perfect.

The poor weather on this day was actually a good test of this Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography’s forward planning and ability to react to any situation. I had already realised the weather was not looking too good in the morning. Pretty easy to tell actually and no weather forecast needed – if your head is getting wet then it is raining! Because of this I set up my studio lights during the morning while everyone was getting ready. This meant that they were all ready to go if the weather should not oblige and I had to do the family group shots in doors.

By chance it turned out for Wedding photographer Worcestershire, Bravo Photography, that he weather was just about OK directly after the ceremony so every one was able to rush out side for a big group shot which we managed just before the heavens opened again. Well at least that was the big one sorted out. I was then able to do the smaller family groups in the very grand room in side over looking the gardens. Because I had tested the set up earlier I was able to get straight into it with perfectly balanced shots. This is where having the studio lights and knowledge of how to use them properly really came into play and a brilliant set of pictures was the result.