Confetti wedding photography

Confetti Wedding Photography – Getting the Best Shot

How to get the best Wedding Photography Confetti shot.

Confetti wedding photography

Lovely lively photograph of Confetti wedding photography

When I look through my wedding photography albums at meetings with clients one continual favorite is the confetti shot. Although it might seem a simple thing to get a photograph of people throwing stuff at you that is very far from the truth!

The very first thing to check is that your wedding photography venue will actually let you use confetti. It might seem an obvious point but worth checking before you book. Most venues are very reasonable about this, both churches and hotels but they may have some rules that you may need to follow.

A lot of churches will only allow the use of confetti in certain places, most usually outside the actual church yard. This is fine by me as one of the best places for confetti wedding photography is just outside the lyche gate just before you get into you magnificent wedding car. The other common rule is  about what sort of confetti is allowed – there is a strong preference for the bio degradable sort.

My top tip for getting the best wedding photography of confetti is to have lots of it! An awful lot of people just don’t bother bringing it themselves these days and those that do often leave it in the car – no good there! So to get the best shot I recommend bringing some of your own to pass around. Just a few boxes from Pound Land will do but but a nice big basket of dried petals is even better. If you are bringing your own then you will get the best wedding photography from large brightly colored petals as they fall more slowly and give a denser picture.

So there you have it – my top tip on getting the best confetti wedding photography shot.