Wedding photography for Jennifer and Simon

Wedding Photography ready!

Wedding photography for Jennifer and Simon

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Wedding photography ready for Jennifer and Simon.

Wedding photography is now on line from Jennifer and Simon’s wedding on the 27th October at Holy Trinity Amblecot near Stourbridge. It was a lovely bright but rather cold day but really can’t complain as the weather for the previous week had been awful. I felt rather jealous of the bridesmaids fluffy shawls!

Holy Trinity is a great church with a very friendly and accommodating vicar – although the norm these days there are still a few living in the Victorian age! One aspect of the church that makes for great wedding photography is the balcony – best seat in the house! I was able to be down near the alter to photograph the bride and her father walking down the isle and that wonderful moment when the groom sees his bride in all her finery for the first time. I was then able to slip up stairs and set up two cameras in the balcony. The advantage of this approach is that one sits on a tri pod with a wide angled lens which I fire with a remote. The other I use on a mono pod with a decent tele photo lens. This means that I can take two pictures at the same time – one of the overall view and one close up. For instance I can shoot the groom putting the ring on the brides finger and zoom in on the ring going onto her finger at the same. All this adds up to great wedding photography.

To take a peep at the pictures just click here and it will take you to my online gallery where you can view or even buy some pictures. Remember that I offer an early bird special rate so if you are quick you can get a 20% discount.

The light at the church was brilliant and complimented the churches yellow brick work for some lovely wedding photography.