Wedding photography Rowton Castle, Shropshire

Wedding Photography, Rowton Castle, Shropshire

Wedding Photography from  Rowton Castle, Shropshire. Faye and Andy live in Bewdley, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire but thought it worthwhile to travel over to Shropshire for their wedding – I have to agree with their decision! Rowton Castle, Shropshire is a wedding photographers dream – lots of great backgrounds, all easily reached and the staff are wonderfully organised and efficient.

There are quite a few ancient looking houses around that are ideal for Wedding Photography but many of them are not quite as old as they seem. For all it’s grandeur some where like Eastnor Castle, Worcestershire is just a Victorian invention. Rowton Castle, Shropshire is the six hundred year old real thing!

You can, of course get married in a church and then hold your wedding reception and have your Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle, Shropshire but it is ideal if every thing is happening there. I can get great Wedding Photography of the bridal party up in their rooms then nip, along the corridor, down the stairs, along another corridor, up some stairs and along another corridor and I can get some Wedding Photography shots of the men getting ready. It is not actually that far but I have to angle for sympathy where I can. In fact you don’t really want the two wedding parties being too close together just in case the bride and groom should bump into each other and you know how bad that is!

Any way the long and the short of it is that Rowton Castle in Shropshire is a really great place for Wedding Photography. If you want to see the proof then I have a brilliant album from this wedding. Just give me a ring and I can arrange to bring it and lots of others over for you to see.