Winter Wedding Photography by Bravo Photography, Worcestershire

Winter Wedding Photography Worcestershire

Wedding Photography Worcestershire – Bravo Photography’s Winter wedding tips.

It’s that time of year again when thoughts start to turn to Winter wedding photography Worcestershire and so here are a few of Bravo’s top tips.

It may seem obvious but pictures from Winter wedding photography Worcestershire are always going to be different from those from a Summer wedding, but there are several things that you can do to make the most of what you do have at this time of year. When you do get a good day you want to make the most of it so having the ceremony as early as possible will allow you the best chance of getting the best out of the light.

Even if it a clear day you certainly won’t want to be standing around outside while some wedding photography Worcestershire messes around doing group shots. This is where organisation, practice and sometimes a very loud voice comes in. I always work out a rough family tree with you so I know who the most important people for group shots are and so I can work out a logical flow for the order of the groups. This is, of course, something I do for every wedding but is even more important if the temperatures are barely above freezing.

If the weather is poor, or sometimes out of choice I can always to group shots in doors. I always carry a full portable studio lighting set up so if we do end up inside the pictures will be properly and professionally lit.

The one great advantage that December weddings usually have, of course, is Christmas decorations. These are a sure fire way to add a bit of colour and sparkle to what can otherwise be a rather drab time of year.

So if you want to talk over your plans for Winter wedding photography Worcestershire then just give me a ring.