Worcester wedding photographer photographs Ring on Finger

Worcester wedding photographer photographs Ring on Finger in church.

Worcester wedding photographer, Bravo photography uses great camera technique to get get brilliant photographs of exchange of rings in Worcestershire church. Often regarded as being one of the trickiest locations for wedding photography the traditional church does have it’s challenges.  These are mostly down to the low light levels that are usually encountered but also often due to restrictions placed on where the Worcester wedding photographer can photograph from either due to the layout of the church, the choir and sometimes – (but not often!), from an awkward vicar.

I shall take this opportunity as a professional Worcester wedding photographer to point out that I am always the absolute epitome of discretion when under taking wedding photography in a church, or anywhere else for that matter. As a Worcester wedding photographer I often do hear horror stories, usually from vicars, of totally unprofessional behavior from some wedding photographers. These have varied from photographers climbing on pillars or pews to get a better shot, walking up to the alter during exchange of rings again to get a better shot to even asking to couple to reenact the exchange of rings during the ceremony!

Well Worcester wedding photographer, Bravo photography has a much better plan and involves two cameras, a tripod, a mono pod, a wide angled lens, a tele photo lens and a remote release. This approach, which I have never found another Worcester wedding photographer using, means that I essentially get two shots at the same time. Thus, I can get the over all picture of the couple and the detail of the exchange of rings as in this picture. The cameras being held steady by the tripod or mono pod means that they are vibration free and thus give an exceptionally clear shot like you see here.