Worcester photographer gets creative wedding photography in Worcestershire church

Worcester photographer gets creative wedding photography in Worcestershire church.

A common compliant when I talk to other Worcester photographer and one of the most frequent questions I get from people wanting to start up in wedding photography is the problem of taking good pictures in churches. The results of this are two fold; either they are put off taking up wedding photography or they carry on and give their clients poor results. Neither of these results need be the case of course as I prove time and time again.

To get good results in a church however you do need to develop a good technique and rather deep pockets as you do need top quality equipment to get the best results. When people are asking me for advice (which they do on a very regular basis – it never fails to amaze me how many guests at weddings are thinking of taking up wedding photography! Do we need another  Worcester photographer?). They almost invariably want to talk about cameras but I always maintain that a good lens is a lot more important than the camera it is attached to.

As a Worcester photographer all my lenses have a very wide aperture of f2.8 which stays constant however much you zoom in. This is very important as a lot of cheap lenses automatically close up the aperture as you zoom in. To get a tiny bit technical this means that the hole in the lens is as wide as possible so as much light as possible is available at the sensor. The slight draw back of this wide aperture is that the depth of field is reduced. Sorry, getting a bit technical again, this is how much of the picture is in focus. Not actually an issue for a good Worcester photographer though as this means that the couple can be nicely in focus yet the back ground can be nicely hazy – a very pleasing and professional result.