Canon 5d

Worcester Wedding Photographer parts with friend.

Worcester Wedding Photographer parts with old friend.

Canon 5d

Worcester wedding photographers old Canon 5d

Worcester Wedding Photographer parts with old friend, not quite as bad as it seems! This old friend is in fact my trusty Canon 5d and I am afraid it has to go. I got this when they first came out at a not insignificant cost but it was certainly worth it. The step up in quality from my Canon 40d was remarkable and the full size sensor gave remarkable wide field coverage – excellent for group shots at weddings. As tends to be the way these things though this was not the end of it and I soon found that I needed a much better lens to make the most of this wonderful cameras potential. Another thousand pounds later and I had a Canon 24 – 70 L series lens to keep it company – perfect kit for a Worcester wedding photographer.

Well that was all five years ago and technology has moved on. My trusty old camera was starting to get a bit long in the tooth.  Although still 100% reliable, I do tend to take the advice of an old friend who was an aircraft engineer and always replace things before they fail. Very sound advice for aircraft but equally valid for a Worcester wedding photographer who a camera failure could spell disaster. Well not complete disaster as I always have at least two spares immediately available but certainly an unwelcome interruption to a days wedding photography.

When the Canon 5d Mk3 was released it was a complete no brainer as my daughter might say and one was ordered straight away. OK pretty expensive even for a Worcester wedding photographer but well worth it. I shall be writing an account of living with it for the geekier readers of this blog (you know who you are!), shortly, but if you fancy investing a relatively modest amount in a piece of Worcester wedding photographer history then check out Ebay now!