Worcestershire Photographer at Hampton Court, Leominster, Herefordshire

Worcestershire Photographer at Hampton Court, Herefordshire.

Worcestershire Photographer, Bravo Photography of Kidderminster photographs wedding at Hampton Court, Leominster Herefordshire, and gets loads of great shots.

I have already written about how much as a Worcestershire Photographer I enjoy the gardens at Hampton Court but this wedding did provide some interesting challenges. The main one of these was that it was in late November. Now you probably don’t need to be an avid gardener to realise that this is not the best time of year for gardens. One big advantage though was that the gardens were not open to the public at this time so we did have a complete fee run. Not, I hasten to add that visitors to the garden are a real problem at other times of the year. Almost without exception they are polite and courteous to a Worcestershire Photographer and will readily move out of a shot if they think they are in the way. The one distraction that they can cause is in being eager to congratulate the happy couple but Hey, who doesn’t want to enjoy the lime light while you can.

This does remind this Worcestershire Photographer of a day at a wedding at the Swan at Bidbury, Oxfordshire which is a very quaint and popular village, particularly with coach loads of Japanese tourists. Yes, coach loads of Japanese tourists who all applauded the couple and considered it a great honour and very good luck to be photographed with them. Again, very quaint but did get in the way rather!

Any way, because of the time of year I had to use back drops such as in this picture with the strong colours of the brick work contrasting with the Autumnal colours of the leaves. Maybe not the very best time of yaer for a Worcestershire Photographer in these gardens but I am sure the results do speak for themselves.