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Worcestershire photographer Bravo Photography at Hampton Court, Leominster, Herefordshire.

Worcestershire photographer Bravo Photography, really enjoyed this wedding at the rather wonderful Hampton Court near Leominster, Herefordshire. Please note the Herefordshire part of the address so as not to confuse it with another Hampton Court with a bit of a connection to Henry the Eighth. The poor staff there do have to field quite a number of enquiries from people who are not up to scratch on their geography or history. This reminds me of the a story told to me once by a friend who lived in Alton, Hampshire. She was once stopped by a coach driver asking directions to the theme park. If you don’t get this one straight away have a look at a map and feel really sorry for that coach load of kids!

Any way back to the subject of wedding photography by Worcestershire photographer Bravo Photography. Hampton Cort really is a wonderful place to get married. I have been going there for a number of years after my wife discovered it due to it’s organically managed gardens. These gardens are beautifully landscaped and maintained and full of beautiful features as well as beautiful flowers. The scope for wedding photography by Worcestershire photographer Bravo Photography, is therefore absolutely huge. The size and myriad opportunities offered to the photographer actually present problems in them selves. It would be far too easy to literally spend hours making beautiful wedding photographs in these gardens which would be great for the photographer but maybe not so much for the happy couple or their guests!

As always Worcestershire photographer Bravo Photography, displays great restraint by being very selective in the locations used and through great local knowledge of the gardens can find the best photography locations easily. Of course if you want to spend half a day there ……