Worcestershire Photographer does something a bit different

Worcestershire Photographer does something a bit different – video for a change!

Yes, today this Worcestershire Photographer did something a little bit different and quite enjoyed it.

It is that time of year again that every parent really looks forward to (it is up to you to decide if I am being sarcastic or not!), Christmas and that means the school Christmas play. In all fairness, I don’t dread them as much as I used to as from all the schools that I have been involved with over the years my daughters current one puts on by far the best and most inventive shows. Well, last week the call went out for someone with a video camera to record this years performance. ‘I am a Worcestershire Photographer’ I thought, but I don’t have a video camera. Hang on a sec, yes I do.

Since upgrading to my current main camera, the Canon 5d Mk 3, I am still getting used to the massive range of functions it has to offer the Worcestershire Photographer. One of these functions is, of course, full HD video recording. I must admit that I had never considered this function to be of much use but I may be just a little bit wrong about this – even a Worcestershire Photographer can’t be right all the time! One fact that did really sway me in my opinion is that I found out that a lot of movies, even some big budget one such as Black Swan are now being shot with them.

The big advantage for the Worcestershire Photographer that this system has over a standard video camera is the ability to use a wide variety of top quality lenses with them and to use such features as variable aperture with ease for great cinematic effects.

Not that this Worcestershire Photographer was doing anything like that today – just getting the kids singing beautifully was enough.