Worcestershire Portrait Photographer has Studio for Hire

Worcestershire Portrait Photographer has Studio available for Hire.

Always one for making the most of assets, this Worcestershire Portrait Photographer has realised that he is sitting on one very useful one that could also be very useful to up and coming Worcestershire Portrait Photographer s. While my studio in Kidderminster is quite busy there are always times (thankfully!), when it is not in use. Well, I do need some time to process all the lovely photographs I take. So, when I am not using it, someone else could be.

Conveniently situated in an out building behind my house, Worcestershire Portrait Photographer studio is small but well equipped being ideal for individual portraits, family groups or small to medium product photography. Now to get a little bit technical. There is a good range of Elinchrom lighting ranging from BX 100 to BX and FX 400’s mounted on sliding ceiling rails making them super easy to reposition for maximum creativity and productivity. There is also some constant lighting which is ideal for low aperture portraits or product work.

The lighting is supported by a good range of light modifiers for the Worcestershire Portrait Photographer to get really creative. I have got different sized soft boxes, umbrellas, both shoot through and reflective, snoot, barn doors with filters and probably a bit more I can’t remember at the moment.

The back grounds will be of particular interest to the Worcestershire Portrait Photographer and consists of a very large Lastolite Hi Lite for easy and effective Hi Key photography. There is also additional lighting for the floor for perfect portrait photography. The Worcestershire Portrait Photographer will also appreciate the roller back ground system with three separate clothe back drops which can be raised or lowered with ease. I have black for brilliant, moody low key work, grey, which can be used as is or lit to any colour with filters and green to let your imagination run wild with green screen.

So if you are a budding Worcestershire Portrait Photographer get in touch and lets talk about you hiring some time in my portrait studio.