Worcestershire wedding photographer at Dumbleton Hall

Worcestershire wedding photographer says Dumbleton Hall great place for photography.

Worcestershire wedding photographer, Bravo photography has just photographed another beautiful wedding at Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire. This is actually one of my favorite locations in Worcestershire for wedding photography and one which I am fortunate enough to be able to return to again and again.

Located just on the border with Gloucestershire and on the edge of the Cotswolds the grounds and views are stunning. I particularly like the long and very elegant drive that leads from the church in the village in a long graceful church up to the hotel. Next time I photograph a wedding here I must remember that it is much further than it seems up the the drive and try to get a lift!

The church is absolutely delightful and although you can, of course, get married in the hotel itself, the the church provides a convenient and stunning counter part to the pictures a Worcestershire wedding photographer can take up at the hotel.

As a Worcestershire wedding photographer I have always found the staff at Dumbleton Hall to be be particularly efficient, attentive and unflappable, even on one occasion when the bride was over an hour late. Another mark of their efficiency and helpfulness to a Worcestershire wedding photographer was that the staff actually help in organising the parking when the sudden influx of cars from the church could easily end in grid lock.

The lovely honey coloured Cotswold stone is an absolute delight for the Worcestershire wedding photographer setting off a brides dress perfectly and providing a great many interesting back grounds. I particularly like the light in entrance porch as seen in this shot with Amanda who looks like she is very much enjoying the Worcester wedding photographer experience.