Wedding photography sunset Worcestershire

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer captures great Sunset Photography

Worcestershire wedding photographer captures brilliant sunset!

Worcestershire wedding photographer captures great sunset, oh and a very happy couple as well! Even this was not quite the end to a fantastic day as it was rounded off nicely with fireworks. Another challenge for a photographer.

Anyone who has ever tried to photograph a sunset will know that cameras and print shops, tend to have very different ideas about how the finished photograph should look. The trick to getting it right is not to give the camera any say in the matter! To get consistent results you have to use manual settings which not all cameras have and not all users know where they are if they do. All my cameras being horribly expensive professional equipment do and what’s more I know how to use them!

The added complication of the sunset shot for the Worcestershire wedding photographer is that there is a newly wed couple wanting to get in on the shot and be lit nicely. This is where off camera flash and manual control comes into play. This takes yet another expensive bit of kit in the form of an infra red controller for the flash, a powerful compatible flash gun oh and lots of batteries.

The trick to using this set up is that you in effect use two exposures – one to get the back ground right and the other controlled by the flash out put to get the couple right which is possible as the flash does not travel any where near far enough to effect the back ground exposure. Sound complicated? Well yes it is a bit which is why you need a professional

Worcestershire wedding photographer to get the best pictures when it really matters. Guess what? I think I might be able to recommend one!