Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Worcestershire wedding photographer at Curradine Barns

Worcestershire wedding photographer at Curradine Barns.

Worcestershire wedding photographer, Bravo Photography of Kidderminster near Worcester just loves the Autumn for great wedding photography. Well when you can get results like this who wouldn’t? This picture was taken near Curradine Barns, Shrawley near Worcester, a venue I really like for creative Worcestershire wedding photographer. I say near because this location was not actually at the barns. One of the good things about this venue is that there is a lovely little circular walk you can do in just fifteen or twenty minutes that takes in a really well varied selections of backgrounds.

This is just the sort of thing that a good Worcestershire wedding photographer will know about for a wedding venue, and if they don’t, they should find out! This nice little tour can start out with some very rural pictures against a five bar gate – a surprisingly adaptable photography prop. It is even better when it will open easily as I have usually found brides to be a bit reluctant to clamber over one in their dress – there some notable exceptions though! We even had so sheep in the back ground on this day just to add a bit more county flavour. I have just thought of another brilliant idea for a picture on a five bar gate – bride and groom leaning on it and sucking a blade of grass in true yokel style. They could even be sucking the same piece of grass in a bit of a Lady and the Tramp moment. Now this Worcestershire wedding photographer only has to find a couple willing to do it!

Sorry I was meant to be talking about how I like taking wedding pictures in the Autumn. Apart from the brilliant colours , the mild weather and bonfire night just around the corner – I do love fire works!