Worcestershire wedding photographer is backed up.

Worcestershire wedding photographer is backed up.

As a Worcestershire wedding photographer I wrote recently about the importance of being insured, then I thought some more and wrote another one about the importance of doubling up on equipment. Well I have thought even more and need to tell you something else which is essential for your Worcestershire wedding photographer.

OK, so we have got insurance and at least two lots of essential equipment what about securing  the images you have taken? How old are your Worcestershire wedding photographer memory cards and how well looked after are they? Although they are very reliably memory cards can go wrong and the more they are used the higher becomes the risk. This is why I always replace my cards when they reach two years old and make sure that the cards are formatted every time before they are used for a wedding. This makes sure that not only are they all clear and at full capacity for your wedding photography but this also reduces the risk of memory segments becoming unusable and thus risking losing images.

Of course, if you are a professional Worcestershire wedding photographer like me you will have a horribly expensive camera which has two memory cards so that the images are recorded twice thus massively reducing the risks from a memory card failure.

So what happens to all the old memory cards? Well they are used for slightly less important uses that wedding photography and are relegated to use for our holiday snaps. Actually this is rather welcome as you just would not believe the number of pictures that we take between myself, my wife and now are little daughter when we are away or just out for the day.

Just the sort of service you would expect of a professional Worcestershire wedding photographer.