Worcestershire wedding photographer does photography tuition.

Worcestershire wedding photographer now does photography tuition.

Yes, Worcestershire wedding photographer, Bravo Photography will help you to get to grips with your new camera or even talk through my methods of wedding photography or studio photography. Worcestershire wedding photographer, Bravo Photography has been a full time professional photographer for nearly ten years and a part time Worcestershire wedding photographer for a number of years before that. This wealth of experience means that a vast range of different situations and circumstances have been met and a technique developed to over come them.

The aspect of instruction that this Worcestershire wedding photographer really enjoys is helping those new to the world of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras – OK, DSLRs for short but you might have been wondering what it stood for. If you want an in depth explanation of what this actually means then that can be provided but is by no means compulsory. Many new photographers seem happy to just set their new camera on automatic but leaves a huge proportion of the cameras potential unused. There is the instruction book of course but these can often be pretty scarey and very difficult to interpret. This is where I can come in as an experienced Worcestershire wedding photographer. I have a deep understanding of all the technical stuff that goes on in front of and behind the lens but having had years of experience as a retail trainer and mentor, I have the knack of translating this into simple terms that any one can relate to.

Instruction can take place either here, in your home, out on location or in my studio meaning that all levels of experience are catered for. Although you may think that hiring your own Worcestershire wedding photographer is going to be expensive I would advise you get in touch so that I can prove to you that it might not be as much as you might think.